The Children’s Hospital

I'll admit, I bought this book 100% based on its cover.  There's no description on the back, so I had no idea what it was about until I found the synopsis on Goodreads.  I wasn't expecting anything, but it still probably wouldn't have been what I was expecting.   Chris Adrian wrote a modern-day Noah's … Continue reading The Children’s Hospital


The A to Z of You and Me

My sister and I participate in a book club with a few other friends.  James Hannah's book was our first in a while, and a good choice to get us back on track. Ivo is the narrator of the story.  He's in hospice, although he doesn't feel like he belongs there.  As part of helping … Continue reading The A to Z of You and Me

The Mothers

I subscribe to two different book boxes: Powell's Indiespensible box, and Quarterly Co.'s Literary box.  Brit Bennett's novel must have been much-anticipated, because both boxes sent it to me.  That had never happened before. I have to say though, I was pleasantly surprised with the book.  I generally don't read the synopsis before I start, … Continue reading The Mothers

Invisible Boy

Unknown to me, this Cornelia Read book is the third in the Madeline Dare series. It was another random bookstore find, but a good one.  I did some investigating on Goodreads about the other books in the series, and discovered that Madeline Dare is a love-or-hate kind of character. A lot of reviewers found her … Continue reading Invisible Boy


Here's us! Photo taken during Snowpacolypse '17.  Hi fellow bookworms!  I've had multiple people tell me that I should start a blog for all the reading I do, so here it is.  I'll be posting about what I'm reading and my thoughts about it. It's called 'Roo Reads' for my dog, Loki (aka Roo), who … Continue reading Welcome!