The Very Persistent Gappers of Frip

This little 84-page gem by George Saunders came in the Powell’s Indiespensible I got yesterday. It’s even got pictures! It also took no time at all to read. And yay for my first post including dog!

Frip is a three-family town who relies on their goats for survival. Unfortunately for them, gappers (multi-eyed orange creatures from the sea) love the goats. The children of each family have to go out every 3 hours to brush off the gappers and throw them back in the water. One day all of the gappers decide to visit the goats in Capable’s yard, leaving all the other families free of the orange critters.

The story is a silly one, and Capable struggles to rid her goats of the gappers, especially when she can’t get any help from her neighbors. They all decide she must have done something wrong that all of the gappers want her goats. The pictures are wonderful and weird, and add so much to the story. Read it! The ending is worth it.

For anyone who is like me and can’t choose books, I totally suggest getting Powell’s book box. It comes every 6 weeks and has new books and other goodies, usually local. It’s not always open for new subscribers, but periodically it will have room. You can check it out here.


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