Carter Beats the Devil

I found this in a wholesale bookstore in Seaside, Oregon.  Glen David Gold’s story is about a magician, and if there’s one thing that fascinates me, it’s magic. The Prestige is by far one of my favorite movies. I watch David Blaine’s Netflix specials and cringe at some of what he does but I love it. 

The main character, Charles Carter, aka Carter the Great, is a magician in the time of Houdini. He even gives Houdini a run for his money. His biggest illusion of all has him out-performing the devil, and it gets even bigger when President Harding wants to join the act. Not to mention that a few hours after the show, the President is found dead in his hotel room. 

Books are so great in their ability to make you picture what’s happening, but I would have loved to see Carter’s show for myself. I bet it was magical (haha).  Really though, the illusions sounded so crazy that they would be amazing to see. 

There’s some build up to the President’s death, and the mystery of what happens after. Although Carter seems to be the most likely suspect, there’s more to it than meets the eye. 

Magic fans, read this. It’s 658 pages of goodness and totally worth the buy. 


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