Invisible Boy

Unknown to me, this Cornelia Read book is the third in the Madeline Dare series. It was another random bookstore find, but a good one. 

I did some investigating on Goodreads about the other books in the series, and discovered that Madeline Dare is a love-or-hate kind of character. A lot of reviewers found her to have a foul mouth and too many vices. I liked her though. Yes, she did drink too much and was no stranger to drugs, but the girl is no-nonsense. Plus she’s sarcastic and quick-witted. She kept me entertained. 

The story opens with Madeline meeting a distant cousin, Cate. While helping Cate clear out the vegetation in a family cemetery, Madeline stumbles upon the skeleton of a child. She brings the cops in when she sees obvious signs of abuse on the remains, and she ends up embroiled in the resulting trial. 

I won’t lie, it was hard to read in some parts. The trial gets brutally in-depth about what happened to that poor little boy leading up to his death. Have your tissues ready. 

I wouldn’t call this a mystery really, but there were enough twists and unknowns to keep me reading. The other characters in Maddie’s life add a lot of color to the story. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll check out the other books in the series, but Madeline Dare is definitely an entertaining character. Worth the read!


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