Little Free Libraries

little free library

This post is not about a specific book, but an opportunity for a bunch of books!

If you haven’t heard of a Little Free Library, you’re missing out! They are exactly what they sound like, and wonderful.  How it works is you build or buy your own library, and set it up in your neighborhood.  When it’s up, you can register it with the Little Free Library website.  They’ll send you a personalized charter number that is your identifier, and you can be added to the world map.

Ours went up early this year, and it’s been doing well!  I check on it every few days to see what’s new.  There was one time that someone took all but 5 of our books (we had probably 15), but thankfully that was a one-time deal.  Plus it gave me an excuse to go to the bookstore!  I try to replenish it pretty often if it starts looking empty, or switch books out if they don’t seem to be popular.  We have a guest book too, if anyone has comments or a certain book they would like to see inside.

Especially here in the Portland area, you can find them all over the place.  What I love about it is that it’s worldwide!  The majority are in the US, but you can find them in other countries too.  If you want to look for one in your area, check out the world map.

The idea is to take a book and leave a book, so I try to never go empty handed!  If you’re ever in Beaverton, Oregon, come check out ours!  You might even meet Loki when you visit.  Our charter number is 48663.


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