Rumo & His Miraculous Adventures

A few posts ago, I had just finished The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear, the first book of the Zamonia series.  This book is number three.  There isn’t a book #2 for me to read because it was only published in German.  If there’s one thing I can definitely not do, it’s read German.

Rumo was first introduced in Captain Bluebear’s story.  He wasn’t a major character– all we learned about him was that he is a Wolperting, and he associates with a shark grub named Smyke.  This book gave us Rumo’s background.

A Wolperting is a dog with horns, found in Zamonia.  Rumo is a large white dog, so naturally I pictured Loki.  He got his start on a farm but was kidnapped by Demoncles  (one-eyed giants who only eat live prey– the harder they fight, the better) and kept on a floating island.  It was on this island that Rumo first met Smyke, the shark grub who named him and told him about his species.  It was also on the island that Rumo grew and learned that he is a natural fighter.  He saved Smyke and all the other creatures being held captive, and defeated the Demoncles.

Rumo doesn’t know much about his species, but he knows that he must follow the silver thread in his dreams, which takes him to the city of Wolperting.  There he meets his own kind, and finds the end of his silver thread– a girl Wolperting named Rala.

When Rala and the rest of the Wolpertings are taken captive by the citizens of the Netherworld, Rumo makes it his goal to save them.  He literally traverses Hel to rescue his friends and his love.  He is confronted by killer icebergs, dead Yetis, a robotic army, and many other wild things.

Filled with more crazy Zamonian creatures and amazing illustrations, this book was even better than Captain Bluebear.  There’s a ton of adventure and fighting, and even some romance.

I totally recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy and pictures in their big-kid stories.  There are 3 additional books in the series, with others on the way, so stay tuned for more Zamonian adventures!


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