All Unquiet Things

My university has a book sale twice a year, and it’s the greatest.  I’m not a student there anymore, but I got a lot of cheap books while I was attending.  This book not having a cover didn’t bother me– it’s no secret that I love choosing books at random, and the title sounded interesting enough. 

The story is told from two different perspectives: Neily and Audrey.  Their biggest connection is Carly, a girl they both loved, who was murdered a year before in their small town.  Audrey’s father, who is also Carly’s uncle, was charged with the crime.  The problem is that neither Neily or Audrey think he is the killer. 

Although Neily was dumped by Carly a year prior to her death, he still loves her.  Audrey denies her father’s guilt, and wants justice for her cousin.  Together, Neily and Audrey set out to find out who is really responsible for Carly’s death.

They play Nancy Drew, going through Carly’s belongings and reexamining her final months to find out what happened.  It’s a far more dangerous game than they expected to get to the bottom of it and find out the truth.

There are enough twists and secrets in this book to make it interesting.  Although you think you know whodunit, you’re probably wrong.  I know I wasn’t expecting the ending.  


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