The City of Dreaming Books

I had been smitten with an insatiable hunger for books and only one thing could cure it: buy, buy, buy!

A book after my own heart, this is the fourth book in the Zamonia series.  Walter Moers just keeps adding more greatness.

Optimus Yarnspinner is a citizen of Lindworm Castle, a city full of authorial dinosaurs.  When his godfather dies, he leaves Optimus with a manuscript– the most exquisite piece of writing ever made, that puts all other work to shame.  Optimus makes it his goal to find the mysterious author.  To do so, he must go to Bookholm.

Bookholm is a city full of all things books– shops, publishers, libraries, etc.  Optimus shows his manuscript around, trying to find its creator.  But when he shows it to the wrong person, he finds himself in the labyrinth of books beneath the city.

A whole other world exists below the surface.  There are Bookhunters, who search for priceless books and kill anyone in their way; Fearsome Booklings, who are said to eat books and anybody who gets too close; and worst of all, the Shadow King, the ruler of the labyrinth.

Optimus is trapped under Bookholm, desperate to find a way out.  He meets some friends along the way, and discovers the truth about many of the myths of the bookish underworld.

One thing I love about this series is that they all connect somehow.  Even if you don’t have the exact same set of characters, you’ll get one of their relatives, or a familiar landmark.  It makes everything come together in a fascinating way.

I still have two more books to read before I run out.  I hope Walter Moers puts out the next book soon, because I don’t want it to end!  The series is that entertaining.


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