The Alchemaster’s Apprentice

If The City of Dreaming Books was a book after my own heart, this is no different.  Now Walter Moers is adding cats and food into the mix.  Zamonia is my favorite fictional place. 

Echo is a Crat, a cat in appearance but capable of understanding and speaking any language in the world.  His mistress has just died, and he finds himself alone and starved.  Until Ghoolion comes along.  Ghoolion is the alchemaster-in-chief and unofficial ruler of Maleisia, a city overrun with illnesses.  He strikes a deal with Echo: he’ll feed him the most extravagant meals, in exchange for Echo’s life at the next full moon.  The starved Crat agrees. 

Echo moves into Ghoolion’s castle with him, the most feared place in Maleisia.  Along with decadent meals, Ghoolion teaches Echo all of his alchemical secrets– he’ll be dead in a month, so what’s the difference?

Eventually Echo decides that he isn’t ready to die.  He hatches a plan with the friends he made within the castle, and hopes to gain his freedom from Ghoolion.  He experiences ghosts, demons, and murderous creature known as the Snow-White Widow.

The food that Echo eats sounds amazing.  My boyfriend is a great cook, but I don’t know if he could do some of the fancy stuff that Ghoolion creates.  Maybe I’ll have to have him try. šŸ˜‰

One more Zamonia book to go!


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