The Labyrinth of Dreaming Books

This was the last Zamonia book for awhile. I hope Walter Moers is busy on the next one.  I’ll try to be patient. 

Although if I’m being honest, this one was a let down compared to the others.  Optimus Yarnspinner is back, on his way to Bookholm, 200 years after The City of Dreaming Books.  The city has changed, but he’s there for the same reason: a mysterious manuscript sent to him, enticing him to return to the underworld of books. 

Once Optimus gets to Bookholm, he has to re-learn what the city is all about.  No longer is it full only of book stores, publishers, and coffee shops.  Now, puppets have taken over.  Every street boasts puppet shows, the biggest being the Puppetocircus Maximus.

The main show at the Puppetocircus is Optimus’s own story, a portrayal of his time in the labyrinth.  As a result of this show, he decides that he needs to learn all there is to know about Puppetism. 

And that, unfortunately, is where the excitement ends.  The rest of the book (probably 150 pages) is dedicated to what Optimus learns about Puppetism.  It’s pretty tedious.  

The book ends with Optimus back in the Labyrinth, with a note that says “This is where the story begins.”  I hope that part two picks up the pace and has the excitement that this one lacked.  I do love the Zamonia books, but I don’t need to know more about puppets. 

Hurry up, Walter Moers!  I’m waiting!


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