Fates and Furies

I’ve seen this book a lot on social media, but never really thought about it.  I found it at the book store one day and decided to buy it anyway.  Turns out Lauren Groff also wrote The Monsters of Templeton, and I really enjoyed that book. 

Lotto and Mathilde are a golden couple.  It was literally love at first sight– Lotto saw Mathilde walk into the room at a party and he immediately asked her to marry him.  Two weeks later, they tied the knot. 

Lotto is like a magnet.  Everyone who knows him, who is blessed with his smile, loves him.  He glows, while Mathilde is more of a shadow.  She has no family or friends to speak of.  Beautiful but cold, Lotto is her world. 

Although their beginning was abrupt, the couple thrives.  They remain together through hardships and doubt.  Lotto, who wishes to be an actor, can’t find work.  One drunken New Years, he writes a play, and with Mathilde to encourage him, he finds success.  Together, Lotto and Mathilde take over the theater and become a success. 

After a tragedy befalls the pair, readers learn more about who Mathilde is.  We get to glimpse her past as well as her future, and there is far more boiling beneath her surface than anyone knows. 

This book is quite lovely.  There’s so much light via Lotto, with Mathilde as the accompanying dark.  They’re a well-matched couple, happy throughout the years and growing together.  Lauren Groff wrote her characters well. 

I’m glad I decided to add this one to my library.  It’s a beautifully dark story. 


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