Just One Look

Holy.  Mackerel.  I apologize to Harlan Coben for letting this book sit on my shelf for a solid four years.  I finished it in a day and a half, and it only took that long because I had to work.  This was so good. 

Grace Lawson is running her normal errands: grocery store, photo lab, pick up the kids.  When she looks in her envelope of newly developed photos, she finds something strange– an old photo that isn’t part of her roll.  There are five people in it, and one woman has an X over her face. 

When her husband Jack gets home, she shows him the picture.  And he freaks out.  A few hours later, he leaves the house with no goodbye, and that’s all Grace will see of him for days. 

As she tries to find Jack, Grace’s past will come back to haunt her.  Involved in an accident that left her with a limp, Grace’s memory isn’t great about what happened.  All she knows is that she’s a survivor, while 18 others died. 

At first, the characters don’t seem to connect.  Eventually, when everything does come together, you see how masterfully this story was crafted.  I started to suspect some things as I read, but I had no idea how some of it connected.  I did not see the ending coming, even a little bit.  Maybe readers who are more astute than I am will figure it out, but I was baffled.  The twists come until the final page. 

This is one of the best suspenseful books I’ve read in a long time.  Totally worth a read.


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