As much as I love thick books, I also like skinny ones that you can finish in one sitting.  This book by Alice McDermott fit the bill.  It took me no time at all to finish. 

The story begins with Marie, our narrator and main character, waiting on the stoop of her Brooklyn home for her father to come home.  As she sits, she introduces us to the other neighborhood dwellers– the group of boys always playing street ball, their blind referee, the foreign family who lives next door.

As the story progresses, we meet Marie’s own family, and her friends.  Readers follow these characters as they grow up and experience triumphs and heartbreaks, death and change. 

The book is in three parts, the second and third being more about Marie’s adulthood.  However, she does give us flashbacks about various things, such as the birth of her first child, meeting her husband, and the death of one of her neighbors. 

The story doesn’t necessarily have a climax.  There’s not a plot twist, or even really a problem Marie needs to solve.  The book is engaging in how it’s written, and the language used. 

It’s worth a read for it’s simplicity, and to experience Marie’s life through her eyes.


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