I think every bookworm can admit to buying a book because they like the cover.  That’s what I did with this.  The cover has such a nice texture.  So thanks, John Williams.  I like the way your book feels. 😜

This has been described as the most perfect novel.  I don’t know that I agree with that, but it was very engaging, and I honestly could not tell you why. 

The book follows the life of William Stoner, beginning with his roots as a farm boy and following him into his adulthood as a professor with a family.  

Stoner is not particularly memorable.  He’s average looking, an enthusiastic student and a competent teacher.  He finds himself a wife, and later a lover.  He has a battle of wills with a colleague and an unruly student.  All in all, his life appears mediocre. 

I keep asking myself what it was about this book that I enjoyed.  And I still don’t know.  Maybe it was the word choice, or that Stoner is relatable in a lot of ways.  All I know is that I read this in a day and a half.  And I liked it. 


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