The Love That Split the World

I saw this on social media for a long time before I ever considered buying it.  But Emily Henry tells a good story, so I certainly don’t regret the purchase.  She’s keeping in the time travel theme I have with The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells.

Natalie has visions at night.  Not simply hallucinations, although she has those too.  She’s visited by the Others, and one in particular– a woman who calls herself Grandmother.  Natalie has been seeing Grandmother since she was a child, but after three years vision-free, she thought it was over.  Until one night when Grandmother comes to her and says that they may never see each other again, and leaves Natalie with a cryptic message: “you have three months to save him.”

Natalie is adopted, and her origins are Native American.  Grandmother used to tell her stories, of her heritage but of other cultures as well.  The other part of Grandmother’s final message was that the answers all lie in the stories.  Now Natalie has to unravel the truth behind what Grandmother has told her, and find out who exactly it is she’s supposed to save.

She begins to have flashes of another world, one similar to her own but with small changes: a red door where it should have been green, a wing of a building that wasn’t there before, and a boy, Beau, whom she has never seen in her small town.

As Natalie and Beau get to know each other, they discover that he can see both worlds as well.  Armed with an ally, Natalie continues her search to find out who needs saving.

The book has Natalie as a narrator, and she’s full of sarcasm and witty comments.  She has some typical teenage struggles paired with some seriously strange occurrences.  The story has some romance and a magical quality to it, with some science thrown in for good measure.

I feel as if the ending was open for some interpretation.  Did it happen the way the reader wanted it to, or was it something else?  If you’ve already read it, tell me what you think.  If you haven’t, you’ll have to grab a copy and find out.


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