Book Box Comparison

I mentioned in one of my early posts that I subscribe to a couple book boxes.  I thought I would do a comparison of the two, since they came at the same time this cycle.  Interestingly enough, both boxes sent me the same book (that does not always happen, thankfully), but that makes it even easier to see the differences.  The featured book is Borne by Jeff Vandermeer.

First up is the Literary Box by the Quarterly Co.  As the company name suggests, this box comes every 3 months, so four times a year.  Each box has a different curator, this one being Jeff Vandermeer.

In the box, I got three books: Borne, with annotations by the author; The Blue Fox by Sjón; and Gutshot by Amelia Gray.  I also got a note written by Jeff Vandermeer, that talks about his inspiration for his book, as well as why he chose the other two.  There was a reusable water bottle with Borne on it, a bookmark, and a really nice pen.

I like this box because each author chooses something different.  I’ve gotten sunglasses, tea, mugs, you name it.  All kinds of goodies that fit the author’s theme.  Plus, the annotations are a fun addition to get in the mind of the author as they were writing.


Next up is Powell’s Indiespensible box.  Powell’s is an Oregon bookstore (and my favorite), although the box is open to anyone.  It comes every six weeks, and is free shipping if you’re local.

This box came with Borne, in a special cover designed specifically for Indiespensible.  It’s also a signed edition.  Along with that, it has an advanced reading copy of The Grip of It by Jac Jemc.  The little booklet is an interview with Jeff Vandermeer, and I got the same bookmark as my other box.

I like this one because there’s usually something local inside.  I’ve gotten chocolate and coffee made in Oregon, and a Powell’s water bottle.  I’ve also gotten a few different advanced reading copies, which is always exciting.


If I could only pick one, I think I would probably choose the Quarterly box.  As much as I love Powell’s, I feel like the Quarterly box is a better value for the money.  It has more in it, and I like that the author of the featured book was the one to put it together.  You get inside their head a little more that way.

Interested?  You can find the boxes from the links below:

Quarterly Co. Literary Box

Powell’s Indiespensible Box



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