House of Sand and Fog

I got this from one of the first Little Free Libraries that I visited.  Which means it has taken me forever to read it (not surprising).  Andre Dubus III certainly wrote an interesting story. 

Kathy Nicolo’s husband left her.  She now lives alone in the house she inherited from her father.  Or at least she does until the county and police show up to evict her.  She had been throwing out mail from the tax office, telling her that she had a fine to pay, and now her house will be auctioned off. 

Colonel Behrani lives with his wife and son in an apartment they can barely afford.  While he was a wealthy man in his native Iran, in California he works multiple jobs to survive.  In an attempt to make a better life for his family, he uses the majority of his remaining savings to buy a house– Kathy’s house. 

Kathy can’t let it go.  She learns that the county made a mistake and was billing the wrong address, but now her house is gone, bought legally by the Colonel.  Kathy and her new boyfriend Lester, one of the cops that kicked her out, try to get her house back. 

There’s a lot of drama in this book.  There’s even a death.  To be honest, it was super frustrating to read.  Kathy was so quick to blame Colonel Behrani, when in reality, if she had just opened her mail she could have saved herself from this whole situation!  The Colonel did nothing wrong, and yet he was harassed as a result.

The story was interesting, but any book that has me yelling at the stupidity of the characters is probably not one I’ll visit again. 


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