The Husband’s Secret

Roo and I enjoyed this one over coffee, and he told me all his secrets (not really but I wish).  Liane Moriarty knows how to write a gripping story, I’ll give her that.  I have at least two other books by her, but this is the first one I’ve actually read.

Cecelia is a housewife, mother, and part-time Tupperware seller.  One day, she finds a letter to herself, written by her husband.  It says it’s to be read in the event of his death, but he’s still alive.  She’s curious but vows not to read it.  She plans on keeping her word, until she finds him searching frantically for it.  Then Cecelia knows it must be something big, and she breaks her promise. 

Tess has just learned that her husband and cousin are in love.  Her cousin is like a sister to her, and Tess feels an overwhelming sense of betrayal.  She flees to her mom’s house to try and make some sense of it all. 

Rachel lost her daughter Janie twenty-eight years ago.  Janie was murdered, but the case was never solved.  Rachel has always suspected someone, but there was never any evidence proving his guilt.  She still lives in her grief everyday, her only bright spot her grandson. 

All three of the women live in the same city, and their lives intertwine in multiple ways. They all have a role to play in each other’s fate, whether they know it or not. 

The connections are obvious, but the secrets are unexpected.  Everything happens for a reason, and the reader can start to see how it all plays out.  

Something I really liked is that Liane Moriarty added an epilogue that has all of the “what ifs”.  What if Janie hadn’t been killed, what if Cecelia hadn’t met her husband, what if Rachel hadn’t reacted how she did to certain events.  It really makes you think about how one seemingly small choice can impact your life in a big way. 

I’ll be checking out more of Liane Moriarty’s books in the future, I’m sure.  She keeps you hooked. 


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