The Book of Someday

B&N clearance strikes again! This book by Dianne Dixon was one I stumbled upon recently, and the synopsis was intriguing. 

Livvi had a hard life. She was homeschooled as a child, with a neglectful father and an abusive step-mother. As an adult, she still feels a lot of that hurt, but she had channeled it into a novel. She has also met a man– Andrew, handsome, rich, and caring.

Micah has just learned that she has aggressive breast cancer. She is used to taking on the world, and her diagnosis has thrown her for a loop. A past secret has her feeling as if cancer is her punishment for what she did when she was young. 

AnnaLee’s husband is a loving man and wonderful father, but putting their stability at risk. She feels that it’s up to her to fix their life, but she doesn’t know how. And now, her niece has joined them, wanting to be known only as Persephone. Persephone is angry and feeling neglected, and AnnaLee wants to change that. 

The three women are all connected by one thing– a woman in a silver dress, with pearl buttoned shoes. 

Livvi’s new relationship is thrown into turmoil by Andrew’s wife. They’re separated, but she threatens suicide when he asks for divorce. Micah needs closure from the people in her past, in order to know if she deserves to live. AnnaLee only wants to love Persephone, but it ends in a way she never saw coming. 

I started to suspect how everything would play out towards the end of the book, but the author did a good job of bringing it all together. There were a lot more connections between the three women than I anticipated. 

I will say that I didn’t particularly like Livvi or Micah– they had flaws that made them hard to connect with. For Livvi, it was her consistently pushing her own needs aside to try and fix something out of her control, even in unhealthy situations. With Micah, it was her need for everyone else to be at fault, and to make her choices for her. 

As a whole, it was a good story. It had a lot of love and forgiveness. If you’ve read this, or plan to, tell me what you thought about the ending. 


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