The Start of Me and You

I am once again victim to eye-catching covers and low prices. This book by Emery Lord was a whopping $6 at Target. Of course I am going to buy it.

Paige is tired of That Look. The one you get when you’re connected to a tragedy. It’s been a year since her boyfriend, Aaron, drowned, and she still gets it. After a year, Paige feels that she should be moving on. Not to forget Aaron, but she doesn’t want to feel guilty for enjoying her life. They were only together for two months, and Paige doesn’t feel entitled to the grief in the same way that his friends and family do.

Always a planner, Paige decides to make a list of ways to get her life back on track. It’s only five items long, but it gives her something to work towards.

One of the items on her list is to date someone, but not just any someone– Ryan Chase. He’s been Paige’s secret crush forever, and she figures that he’s the perfect way to help her feel alive again. What Paige doesn’t count on, is meeting Ryan’s cousin, Max.

Max is like Paige in every way. He’s a nerd, a literature buff, an introvert. She tells him her secrets and her fears. They connect in ways that Paige has never felt with Ryan, but she’s convinced that Max isn’t her type. Or is he?

This book had some really great characters. Paige is surrounded by a group of three girlfriends, who are more like sisters. They take care of each other, and know that sometimes all you need is a crap ton of junk food and someone to listen to your problems. And Max– wonderful Max. Although Paige is unsure about her feelings, he’s the guy that every teenage girl wishes they could find. He’s considerate, he listens, and he cares for Paige on a deep level, even through tragedies and fights.

While not earth-shaking literature, this is a seriously sweet YA book about growing up, getting past loss, and surrounding yourself with love. If you’re like me, and need a good happy ending every now and then, this is the book you need to read.


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