Comfort Food

I love food. I don't cook-- that's Taylor's job. But I'm really good at eating! Books with food as a main theme rarely disappoint. Kate Jacobs did a good job with this one. Gus has her own food empire. She hosts her own cooking show, she penned multiple cookbooks, and even has a line of … Continue reading Comfort Food



Does anyone else wonder what it's like in Stephen King's head? Because holy mackerel, the stories this guy writes. I've read a few of them, but It is by far the weirdest. Strange things have always happened in the small town of Derry, Maine. Kids go missing, and people are murdered. It happens every few … Continue reading It

Pull Me Under

Anything to do with Japan interests me. I know next to nothing about the culture, even though I am part Japanese, but even fiction can teach you something. This Kelly Luce story makes me want to visit someday.  Rio is a nurse, a wife, and a mother. She lives in Colorado with her husband and … Continue reading Pull Me Under


I love books that have puzzles in them. I love seeing how characters figure out the clues and get to whatever mysterious thing is at the end. This Scarlett Thomas book has plenty of puzzles, and can even teach you how they work. Alice works for PopCo, the world's third largest toy company. Her job … Continue reading PopCo