The Rest of Us Just Live Here

Have you ever had a book that you read, and at the end you just kind of go: “…..what?” Because this was that book for me. It wasn’t bad. I don’t dislike Patrick Ness. But I think this book could have been split in two and it would have made more sense.

Mikey and his friends are about to graduate. They’ll be going their separate ways, and leaving their small town behind. If their school doesn’t get blown up first.

Mikey’s crew is the normal group, not like the indie kids. The indie kids have names like Satchel and Kerouac, and always seem to be saving the world. They had to deal with zombies and ghouls, and now a group of Immortals who are trying to take over the place. While Mikey is just trying to survive the last four weeks of school.

The group includes Mikey, his sister Mel, Henna, and Jared. Mikey wants to tell Henna he loves her, but can’t get past his OCD ticks to do it. Mel is recovering from an eating disorder. Henna’s family wants to take her into war-torn Africa for the summer. And Jared is openly gay but secretive about it, and a quarter Cat God on his mom’s side.

There’s a lot going on in this story, at the same time that there’s not really that much at all. Mikey’s group is trying to spend time together, and figure out where they stand with each other. They go to prom and experience their first loves. The indie kids, meanwhile, are living in some seemingly magical world in which there are empresses and princes killing them, and the indie kids have to try to stop it. It’s… different.

The chapters are introduced in such a way that they tell their own story. They say “chapter the nth, in which…” something happens to the indie kids. And then the rest of the chapter is about Mikey and his friends. Hence why I could see this being two separate books: the magic and creatures don’t really fit in to Mikey’s life.

It’s weird, this book. But not in a bad way. If you read it, tell me what you think.


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