Does anyone else wonder what it’s like in Stephen King’s head? Because holy mackerel, the stories this guy writes. I’ve read a few of them, but It is by far the weirdest.

Strange things have always happened in the small town of Derry, Maine. Kids go missing, and people are murdered. It happens every few decades. And it’s starting again.

George Denbrough goes outside on a rainy day in 1957 to sail a paper boat made by his brother, Bill. When George goes to rescue the boat from the gutter, he sees a clown down there. The clown offers him a balloon and his boat back, and instead takes George’s life. And so begin the cycle of killings.

Bill, a lonely kid with a stutter, is feeling invisible now that his brother is gone. His parents don’t notice him anymore, but Henry, the school bully, sure does. Thankfully for Bill, he’s not the only one Henry has eyes on. By trying to avoid Henry’s wrath, Bill finds that his group grows from one to seven.

The self-titled Losers are the seven kids Henry hates the most. Bill is the leader, and gets made fun of for his stutter. Ben is the fat one. Beverly the only girl. Stan is Jewish. Richie aka Trashmouth can never keep his lips zipped. Eddie is a hypochondriac. Mike is the town’s only black kid.

They may be losers to Henry, but together they decide to take on It once and for all. Whatever the creature is, It takes on your worst fears– werewolf, leper, giant bird, or most often, Pennywise the Clown. It killed Bill’s brother, and has been killing for far longer than the Losers know. In a final battle, they take It on, and think they’ve won.

Fast forward 27 years, and Mike is calling them all back to Derry. The cycle is starting again.

Now, as adults who have made lives far away from Derry, six of the seven return to try to finish what they started. They will try to take on the darkness and end it for good. But It doesn’t want to let them win that easily.

This book is seriously creepy. Stephen King comes up with some crazy stuff. It’s gory and gross and literally mirrors your worst fears.

Fun fact: a tv mini-series was made starring Tim Curry in 1990. Now, 27 years later, a new movie is coming out. Coincidence?

Need to see the trailer? You can watch it here.


2 thoughts on “It

  1. That 27 year-thing is creepy. A little bit at least.
    I’ve bought It a while back but after reading The Shining I’m postponing it, haha. I’m not that big into horror, but I love his writing so much that I just want to read more of his books. Yet.. Nope, I’ll be waiting a bit longer before having sleepless nights again, thank you very much, haha.


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