Comfort Food

I love food. I don’t cook– that’s Taylor’s job. But I’m really good at eating! Books with food as a main theme rarely disappoint. Kate Jacobs did a good job with this one.

Gus has her own food empire. She hosts her own cooking show, she penned multiple cookbooks, and even has a line of cookware. Sounds ideal, but it wasn’t always. Gus was forced to find a career when she was widowed at a young age. She turned to cooking, and it took her far.

Now, twelve years after her first show aired, Gus is approaching her fiftieth birthday, and everything is changing. Her ratings are dropping, and if she doesn’t do something, she’s going to lose her show. In a fit of inspiration, her network president decides to throw her together with a cohost– Carmen Vega.

Carmen is a former Miss Spain. She’s snooty, ruthless, and determined to get ahead. Her online cooking show has made her an up-and-comer in the food world, but she’s out for more than that: she wants her own show, and she’ll do what it takes to get it.

The two women are thrown together to boost ratings. And it works. Too bad they can’t stand each other.

The characters in this book are so likable. Gus’s neighbor, Hannah, is a former tennis star who is now a hermit. Gus’s daughters, Aimee and Sabrina, are at times blunt and naive, but they’re the center of their mother’s world. Troy is the ex-boyfriend of Sabrina’s that Gus is determined to keep around. Oliver is the handsome culinary producer who has a thing for Gus. And they all mesh together to make a rowdy, dysfunctional, lovable bunch.

This story combines love, friendship, family problems, and food in the best way. It’s funny and touching, and there are even recipes in the back of the book. How much better can it get?


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