The Last to Die

It’s really exciting for me to find out authors are from Oregon. My dad and I went to the NW Book Festival last weekend, and we met a whole slew of writers from our area. It was amazing. This was my first read of the books we bought. I got to meet Kelly Garrett too, which makes it even better.

Harper and her friends decided to try something new, to make their days more interesting. The game? Breaking into houses. Not just anyone’s house though– only each other’s house, and only with the use of a key. They even made rules: they can’t take anything irreplaceable, nor can they steal from each other or siblings. Seems harmless enough, right? It mostly was. Until someone in their group ends up dead.

Sarah was Harper’s frenemy, but that doesn’t mean Harper wanted her dead. And of an overdose, no less, when Harper knows that Sarah would never do drugs without an audience. Harper is convinced it wasn’t the suicide it was made out to be. The problem is proving it.

Harper and the other four people in her group are doing their best to deal with their grief and find out what really happened to Sarah. If Harper’s hunch is right, there’s a killer on the loose.

The characters for me were pretty much 50/50 love and hate. Some of them were well written and wonderful. Others were the kind you have to hate (every story needs a bad guy, right?). Harper is the narrator, and she’s a sarcastic, take-no-crap kind of girl, although kind of unfeeling at times. I personally liked her, but she may not be to everyone’s taste.

For a debut novel, this was pretty solid. It reminds me of the 2016 movie Don’t Breathe. If you’re a fan of that, you’ll most likely enjoy this.


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