The Lake House

This is the first Kate Morton book I’ve read, but she might be a new favorite. She wrote a story blended with suspense, romance, and a strong desire to do what’s right. I loved it.

DC Sadie Sparrow is on a forced leave. A case she was working has caused her to question herself and compromise her work, and she needs a break. She goes to Cornwall to visit her Granddad, and finds herself immersed in a cold case from seventy years ago.

The case involves the Edevane family, and a missing child. During a Midsummer party in 1933, the youngest Edevane child, Theo, went missing from his crib. Nobody knows what happened, or if the boy survived.

Theo’s middle sister, Alice, is still alive. When Sadie contacts her for access into the family home, Loeanneth, Alice is forced to relive the event. That’s the last thing Alice wants to do– she may have been the cause of her brother’s disappearance.

Alice and Sadie work together, to find out what really happened that night. Alice needs to know if she was to blame, and Sadie wants to know that she can still trust her instincts. And seven decades later, they do it. They find out what happened to Theo.

The story flip-flops from 2003 to 1933, from Sadie’s investigation to what happened on the days prior to Theo’s disappearance. A few times I was confused by the timeline, but not enough to make the story less interesting. As long as you’re paying attention, the dates are revealing. I enjoy the sense of learning more secrets as time goes on.

The ending threw me for a loop. I assumed they would find out what happened to Theo, but it certainly was not what I was expecting. It wasn’t what Alice was expecting either.


On a semi-related note (lake, ocean, large body of water), the bracelet in the picture can help save the ocean. I bought it from 4Ocean, a company dedicated to cleaning our seas. For every bracelet purchased, 4Ocean will be able to clean one pound of trash out of the ocean. I think that’s amazing, and I hope they continue to do such great work.

If you’re interested in getting one, or just want to know more about the project, you can check out their website here.


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