Chose the Wrong Guy, Gave Him the Wrong Finger

I 100% chose this for the title. Because it’s genius. If Beth Harbison did anything right, it’s the title. 

Quinn always thought she was lucky in love. She was marrying her high school sweetheart, Burke, the man of her dreams. Or that was the plan, at least, until his brother Frank told her that Burke had been cheating. Instead of it being the happiest day of her life, Quinn’s wedding day was the worst. She ran away from the altar, with Frank in tow. 

Ten years later, and Quinn still lives in the same small town. She makes personalized wedding dresses, and does not fail to see the irony in helping people get ready for their own weddings. Her life is going well (if boringly) until both Burke and Frank come back to town. 

Now Quinn must face both brothers and attempt to find some closure. She needs the truth from Burke. And she needs to know what Frank feels for her, past their two-night-stand all those years ago.

One thing about this book, is that there is A LOT of dialogue. Quinn is constantly using her BFF Glenn as a sounding board for her feelings. They hash and rehash what happened, what Quinn wants to do now, how she feels about both brothers. It gets mildly tedious, but it is reflective of how some people think. Especially in light of a betrayal and broken relationship. 

There were some funny moments and likeable characters, and it does have a happy ending. Plus the title. Seriously. 


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