Some of my favorite books are the ones that have some historical mystery to solve, similar to (and including) The Da Vinci Code. I love the idea of finding some new item/artifact/information that could change history as we know it. A. S. Byatt's novel captured that essence, and threw some romance in as well. Roland Michell … Continue reading Possession


No One Knows

I love a good thriller. There's something exciting about not knowing what happened, and what secrets everyone is hiding. J.T. Ellison did an excellent job of keeping readers on their toes with this one. Five years ago, Aubrey's husband Josh disappeared. No one knows where he went, or if he's alive. Five years of the … Continue reading No One Knows

The Dinner

My page-a-day calendar recommended this, it's an international bestseller, and it was made into a movie this year. Clearly people like it. Herman Koch certainly wrote an interesting story, that much is true. Two families are meeting for dinner. Paul (our narrator), his brother Serge, and their wives Claire and Babette, respectively. They are meeting … Continue reading The Dinner