Bridge of Scarlet Leaves

Not only did I really enjoy this book, it was the last one I needed to meet my goal. Thanks, Kristina McMorris, for helping a girl out. It's 1941, and Maddie is in love. He's not just any boy-- he's Lane, her brother TJ's best friend. Maddie and Lane secretly elope, and all is bliss … Continue reading Bridge of Scarlet Leaves


The Art of Racing in the Rain

Animals bring so much extra to our lives. Loki is my first dog, and it's certainly been a learning experience. As much as he can be a pain in my butt, I also love him. And I love books centered around pets. Garth Stein did one better-- he has a dog as his narrator. Enzo … Continue reading The Art of Racing in the Rain

No One Knows

I love a good thriller. There's something exciting about not knowing what happened, and what secrets everyone is hiding. J.T. Ellison did an excellent job of keeping readers on their toes with this one. Five years ago, Aubrey's husband Josh disappeared. No one knows where he went, or if he's alive. Five years of the … Continue reading No One Knows

The Dinner

My page-a-day calendar recommended this, it's an international bestseller, and it was made into a movie this year. Clearly people like it. Herman Koch certainly wrote an interesting story, that much is true. Two families are meeting for dinner. Paul (our narrator), his brother Serge, and their wives Claire and Babette, respectively. They are meeting … Continue reading The Dinner