Happy 2018!

Happy new year! A few days late, but oh well. Last year was crazy! I hope everyone had a fun and safe new year's, and is ready for some new reads. As a recap for 2017, I managed to read 55,725 pages in 141 books. My goal was 55,000 pages. This year I've upped it … Continue reading Happy 2018!


Dark Matter

Starting the new year off right with this one! Blake Crouch's story is one-of-a-kind, and it makes you think. Jason Dessen is a happy man. He has a beautiful wife, a well-rounded teenage son, and a job he enjoys. He could have been a world renowned scientist, but he put that dream aside for his … Continue reading Dark Matter

No One Knows

I love a good thriller. There's something exciting about not knowing what happened, and what secrets everyone is hiding. J.T. Ellison did an excellent job of keeping readers on their toes with this one. Five years ago, Aubrey's husband Josh disappeared. No one knows where he went, or if he's alive. Five years of the … Continue reading No One Knows