One of Us is Lying

I love books that are super dramatic and full of secrets. Which this totally is. It's the Breakfast Club meets Pretty Little Liars. Karen M. McManus does a solid job of keeping you guessing. Five students go to detention one day for having phones at school: Bronwyn (the brain), Addy (the princess), Cooper (the jock), … Continue reading One of Us is Lying


The Fifth Heart

I've watched way more Sherlock Holmes than I've read. And for all of the Holmes stories, none of them have actually been the originals. Such as this one. Dan Simmons does have an original take on the detective. Henry James is about to end his life by jumping in the Seine, when he is stopped … Continue reading The Fifth Heart

The Circle

I have had this book on my shelf forever. I've always thought about reading it, and then never seemed to get there. Although, having read it, I'm glad I waited. This Dave Eggers novel seems a little more relevant each year. Mae Holland has just landed her dream job-- working at the Circle. The Circle … Continue reading The Circle

Dark Matter

Starting the new year off right with this one! Blake Crouch's story is one-of-a-kind, and it makes you think. Jason Dessen is a happy man. He has a beautiful wife, a well-rounded teenage son, and a job he enjoys. He could have been a world renowned scientist, but he put that dream aside for his … Continue reading Dark Matter